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Tony Cassista

Tony Cassista

Origin: Quebec, QC, Canada

Genres: Rock, Progressive Rock



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Tony Cassista is a singer-songwriter but also a drummer from Quebec City, Canada. Very young, he was attracted to the 4th art and made his debut on the drums at the age of 11. Over the years, he participates in various musical projects allowing him to perfect his technique. In addition to his undeniable talent as a drummer, he is also noted for his powerful and fair voice.

In 2004, his band ADAMIND was quickly recognized on the progressive metal scene in Quebec and a first album was released in 2007: BALANCE, still available on digital platforms. The band won several awards and Tony has twice won the award for best singer: in 2006 at the Conga at Laval University and in 2007 at the 2nd Skin Rock Contest.

It was in 2020 that he decided to compose his own original material. With a very large musical background, from classical to jazz, his musical style is inspired by a whole universe combining both rock and progressive rock, including a touch of electronic programming which, all together, ensure a unique touch to his music.

"Created On Various Infectious Diseases", his very first solo album, is the result of months of creative and production efforts while the cultural world is on hold due to the pandemic.

And this is where the story really begins….

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Music and videos

Stuck Inside Again - From the album "Created On Various Infectious Diseases"

Don't Let Go - From the album "Created On Various Infectious Diseases"

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The Rocker UK Review - Reviews roundup

"This is his first solo album and, as you may noticed from the title, concerns itself with the bat pox and beyond. And it's really good. First off, he is an outstanding singer and it's out-fudging-rageous that he hasn't been heard by a wider audience. But that would be nothing if the songs were pants. They're most definitely not. In fact, and I know it's only March, this is going to be up there as one of the best prog albums I'm likely to hear this year. "

"One of the best records you'll hear this year. Buy it. Now!"



"Although Tony has an incredibly powerful voice there are some great melodic harmonies on this album and to think that this was created in fourteen separate private studios is incredible. It is more than just listenable, in fact I find it a stunning piece of work."


"The more I listen to this album the more in awe I am. It just makes you want to hear it time and time again, as not only is the music of interest but also there are amazing lyrics which transport you into the track. I love that. This is definitely one to put into your collection and it will be an album you go back to again and again."


Lire plus...

Tony Cassista, un musicien-chanteur de Val-Bélair, souligne avec une certaine fierté, que la pochette de son premier album solo est l’œuvre de Hugh Syme, celui qui a réalisé celles du groupe rock canadien Rush. Réalisé avec un groupe d’amis, l’album Created On Various Infectious Diseases, qui propose principalement un son rock, est paru en décembre. 



L'artiste québecois Tony Cassista vient de publier son nouveau single, 'Christmas Angel' à découvrir ci-dessous. L'album ''Created on Various Infectious Diseases', sorti le 4 décembre dernier est disponible sur son site ainsi que sur les plateformes de streaming.  


Free Indie Culture

'Stuck inside again' is a very nice rock track, full of 80s influence. Good lyrics, smooth melodies, amazing riffs. Rock on!

Black Fish Records

Great sound, aggressive and at the same time energetic. The guitars move in such a way as to create an intense atmosphere, the instrumental grafts such as synths and sampled sounds that make this song original and dynamic are also interesting. 'Stuck Inside Again' is a song that has excellent potential.

Underground Musical

Do you know when we feel an extreme happiness in knowing something new and really exciting, that makes the whole body tremble? It is what I felt when I heard 'Behind Impulsiveness' by Tony Cassista, one of the heavy metal songs that brought me great surprise in 2021, and it was very impressive, be it for the quality of vocal technique, melodies and solos, in fact the whole song is a work of art!

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